Saturday, April 16, 2011

Naibor Camp; Maasai Mara's Heart!

N is for Naibor Camp,a luxury tented camp located right in the heart of  the Maasai Mara. This camp is not only stunning but is an Eco-rated camp which is a huge factor when it comes to conservation. Personally i make it my mandate that every time i go on safari, i have to visit a lodge or camp that is Eco friendly. This is because if you stay in a place where they e.g do not control their sewage, say it drains from the premises through open end pipes which then flows to the river, wild animals that drink from that river could end up being poisoned and eventually die!therefore it is very important to enquire if your stay at a lodge/camp will be beneficial or a hazard to the environment.

An exterior view of Naibor Camp at night..

Inside of the luxury tents at Naibor..
Naibor camp is one of my favourite among the many camps in the Mara and besides that heartwarming safari experience that you get, you also get to assist the community by e.g buying jewellery from the boutique at the camp which is owned and run by a group of Maasai women. The camp's staff are all from the local community which is yet another reason as to why you should stay at Naibor while on your visit to the Mara.

King size bed in the luxury tent
Enjoy a massage in the bush!
Enjoy a romantic bush breakfast!

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