Friday, April 8, 2011

Going Green!

G is for going green!

The situation
In Kenya we have many forests, however the war to stop deforestation is forever on going. This is due to many causes but the prime cause here is because of the money. Timber is quite expensive so most of the forests suffer from the timber trade! We however have strong efforts to curb this behavior although quite difficult.
Mau Forest:One of the forests that Professor Wangari has tirelessly fought to save!
The reality
It is important for people to know that when the planet is green, it is to our benefit.Pollution and deforestation only promote global warming, which in other ways could be viewed a process that could lead to the human beings becoming extinct!!
Karura Forest:Which has recently been opened to the public, we can now have picnics here!
Ngong Hills: The trek up the hills is fantastic!
The Fact
One of the leading environmentalists in Kenya Professor Wangari Mathai, became the first woman in East Africa to win the Nobel Peace Prize for her courageous fight to save Kenya and the planet from deforestation and pollution. The more we spread the word about global warming and environmental consequences, just maybe we will be able to save ourselves from this disaster!
Kakamega Forest: Well known for the many species of  butterflies and birds found in the forest.
22nd April is world's Earth Day! -so stay and be green!

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  1. Beautiful photos. That should inspire anyone to take up the green cause.


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