Friday, April 22, 2011


S is for seals. This particular idea came from one of my readers, a fellow blogger who asked me if Otters
were in the same family as Seals, so from that i derived my theme for the A-Z challenge.

Interestingly, there are 33 known different species in the seal family, with the Southern Elephant being the largest followed by the Leopard seal. Other species in the seal family are Harp, Harbor, Gray, Northern Elephant, Weddell, Hawaiian, Mediterranean, Antarctic Fur, Galapagos Fur and Northern Fur to name a few.

Galapagos fur seal
Gray Seal
Harbor seal
Hawaiian Monk seal
Northern Elephant seal
Weddell seal
The question that many people may ask is if the seal is an endangered species? The truth is that, this has been quite conflicting because although some species are endangered the gray seal is continues to increase in numbers!

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