Thursday, April 28, 2011

Xylophone Cat ; Have you ever seen one?

I start by admitting that with only two more days to the end of the April A - Z challenge, i must admit that i have had fun doing this and to day marks the highlight of this fun!

I was busy trying to figure out what to write about, that which is in line with my blog theme yet would match the "x" theme, so i decide to ask my cousin what she thought people would like to read about, that which starts with the letter x. She rubbed her hand in her hair, then gave me that cheeky, sheepish smile and said, "The Xylophone cat!"

The moment she answered me, i knew she was kidding. I had never had of the Xylophone cat!

I therefore decided to research on the so called "Xylophone cat".

You must be wondering what my findings were? The truth is, i still do not know what my findings were!Yes, that sounds impossible but all i  can tell you about the Xylophone cat is that it is widely considered to be a myth but some people claim to have seen it! Even though no-one has yet to produce a picture evidence of how it looks like!
I wonder if it's meows are melodic...just a thought!

So what do you think, do Xylophone cats exist?


  1. Love the pick. Too funny. Thanks for stopping by my blog for the A-Z challenge. It's nice to meet you. I'm a new follower. :)

  2. A person can choose any word that starts with X and make something up. No one could dispute it. That's not to say there is not such thing as the X-cat.

  3. Ha ha, I love the picture, too cute. :)

  4. Now this is WAAAY creative! Look! I'm following you now, too. :)

  5. Thank you all for your comments i really appreciate!

    @Karen @Ciara, it is kind of hilarious!

    @Julie @Jeffery I like the bright colours..LOL

    @Elizabeth Very one can dispute it

    @Alleged Authour..Thank you and welcome to Her World:)


Thank you for your comments. I highly appreciate.