Tuesday, September 28, 2010

World's best star beds....

A star bed is a bed which as the name suggests, you literally sleep under the stars!!!It is a spectacular, outrageous,amazing experience that i wish everyone would get to pertain.I got to go through the whole experience earlier this year in an awesome lodge known as Ilingwesi Camp, up in Laikipia, Kenya. The feeling you get when you toss and turn at night while you are looking at the stars and moon while still watching the wild natural scenery from your bed, or the feeling you get when you wake up staring at the warm sunset, its a feeling that can't be traded for anything in the world!!!

For nature lovers and people looking into going on honeymoon or people looking for a lifetime experience, i recommend any lodge in the wild or at a beach that lets you sleep on a star bed.Recently, travel.yahoo.com did a story on the best star beds in the world and i felt it was necessary for you guys to check this out; 

1. Amangiri Resort - Lake Powell,Canyon point,Utah

2. Lion Sands Private Game Sanctuary - Sabi and Sand Game Reserve, South Africa

3. Blue Mountains Private Safaris - Blue Mountains National Park, Australia.

4. L' Albereta , Erbusco - Lombardy, Italy 

5. Loisaba Wilderness Lodge - Nanyuki, Kenya

6.Adre're Amellal Desert Ecolodge - Siwa Oasis,Egypt 

7.Killa Bahwan - Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Courtesy of http://www.travel.yahoo.com

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  1. I would like to visit Kenya.Maybe thats where i will stay when i come there.Loisaba Wilderness Lodge.Do you know how i can contact them? Janet Protwosky


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