Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Human beings deserve to be on the world's endangered species list....

Today i woke up to yet another sad realization that yet another animal has been again named as a seriously endangered species..the Polar bear. I think for most of us we can relate to why the Polar bear falls under this category, warming of the Earth..Arctic and Antarctic warming ,Global warming, due to pollution,deforestation etc.
                      Look at this animal, isn't it beautiful?It looks so happy!

Whats really sad is that one day it may not exist!By now I'm sure you are thinking to yourself what does the polar bear have to do with human beings being endangered species?We have had people prophecy that the world could soon becoming to an end, we have had scientists tell us that if we do not stop global warming we are closer to extinction , we have even had Mayans prove that according to them the world will end on 21st December 2012??! My biggest worry is how long will it take us to realize that we have a whole list of endangered species from A-Z, BUT unfortunately Human beings do not appear on that list.
If we so are talking about global warming and all we do is brush it off, continue acts of deforestation because of our economic growth ambitions e.g mining How long will it take us to note that we are busy building non governmental organizations,activists groups to save certain species,while in actual fact we should be building  groups and organizations to save ourselves?!How long or what will it take for us to react?What scientists call " The early signs" of global warming are already here....Let me break it down for you in Africa having that this is my area...
  • Mt. Kenya's largest glacier disappearing. 92 % of the Lewis Glacier has melted in the past 100 years. Worst drought in 60 years in 2001. Over 4M people were affected by a severely reduced harvest, weakened livestock, and poor sanitary conditions. 
  • Tanzania - Mt. Kilimanjaro,Ice projected to disappear by 2020. 82% of Kilimanjaro's ice has disappeared since 1912, with about one-third melting in just the last dozen years. At this rate, all of the ice will be gone in about 15 years.
  • Uganda - Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda - Disappearing glaciers. Since the 1990s, glacier area has decreased by about 75%.   
  • South Africa - Burning shores, January 2000.
  • Seychelles Islands - Coral reef bleaching.  
These are jut but a few facts, all i ask from you is help to spread awareness....

Stop plastics pollution..You all know plastics do not decompose!  

Desist from deforestation !!!

T. S. Eliot once wrote:"Between the idea and the reality, Between the motion and the act Falls the Shadow. Between the conception and the creation, Between the emotion and the response Falls the Shadow." Let us make these words make sense!

We can do better than this...!!!

Monday 18 September 2006 at The New York University of Law,stood Mr Al Gore and gave this insight on what he thought of global warming....

"Our children have a right to hold us to a higher standard when their future - indeed the future of all human civilization - is hanging in the balance. They deserve better than the spectacle of censorship of the best scientific evidence about the truth of our situation and harassment of honest scientists who are trying to warn us about the looming catastrophe. They deserve better than politicians who sit on their hands and do nothing to confront the greatest challenge that humankind has ever faced - even as the danger bears down on us."

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