Saturday, September 25, 2010

Top 10 destinations in East Africa..

This week i want to celebrate being an African.Africa is a continent that has 53 countries.Africa is always reported in the media as a continent full of pain,poverty,corruption,and even war.What they do not tell you is that Africa is a leading continent in providing "stuff" to the rest of the continents. In Africa, you can find Fruits & Vegetables,Flowers,Oil,minerals & stones,Diamonds,Gold name it, you are sure to get in here. Due to illiteracy out of low education standards,the other continents have somehow managed to "manipulate" Africans in order to attain the African resources to benefit themselves. In most circumstances, they process the raw product and come back to sell it to us!But i guess, you can blame them...

However, Africa slowly maturing and we are beginning to unfold our brains and so far we have proved we can do it!So i felt its my obligation to show you some of best destination in Africa and i am in no doubt that once you visit will nod your head in agreement!

1. Masai Mara, Kenya - I have been here countless times and i can never get enough.The Mara is famously known for the wildebeest migration , that up till today has remained a wonder and this is why it was declared a world wide wonder!

 2. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia - Absolute serenity!

3. Pyramids of Giza,Egypt - Believe it or not up till today, how the Egyptians built the pyramids remains a wonder and whats even amazing is the level of accuracy..yet we the common man believe that the olden day man was more literate than we..aint that funny!!

4. Djenne,Mali - founded in 800 AD, is one of sub-Saharan Africa's oldest cities. Situated on an island in the Niger River delta, Djenne was a natural hub for traders who shuttled their goods between the Sahara desert and the forests of Guinea.

5. Cape Town, South Africa - A majority of my blogs always list Cape town as a must see city!This city was even named as one of the world's most beautiful cites by i need to stress any further that you should see the place?!

6. Marrakech, Morocco - I do not know much of Morocco but i do know they have wonderful people and it now also, a wonderful place to visit,situated at the foot of the Atlas mountains.

7. Omo River Region, Ethiopia - Combining white-water rafting with an unparalleled cultural adventure is an ideal perfect holiday.The remote location is barely accessible by 4 wheel-drive, meaning that traditional customs and beliefs are very much intact for the more than 50 tribes who live there.

8. Virunga Mountains, Uganda - With only about 700 mountain gorillas left in the world, seeing them in the wild is something only a few people will ever have the chance to experience and you should be among the "a few"!

9. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - Africa is known as one of the best destinations for adventure travel and what can be more adventurous than hiking up the world's tallest free standing mountain!

10. Zanzibar, Tanzania - one of Africa's top destinations because of its fascinating history and its incredible beaches.


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