Thursday, September 2, 2010

Money Made who mad?!

Money is any object that is generally accepted as payment  for goods and services.The main functions of money are distinguished as: a medium of exchange a unit of account a store of value; and, occasionally, a standard of deferred payment.Thats what Wikipedia says it is.
Well, I have a different opinion....

Money is everything you every dreamed of and more! Money means designer shoes, bags,clothes, jewelery - Diamonds!!!and did i mention my birth stone-Turquoise!!Money is the closest thing to a girls best friend so why do people blame money for their insanity?!! Ever had of the saying; Man made money, money made man mad?I think we were crazy long before we made money!Didn't we humans used to run around naked?or at least..covered up in leaves?or some stupid rugs?

With money you can get a car!Can you imagine if we went back in time and i had to walk long distances?What would happen to our feet?We can barely work in high shoes (long distance), it means we would permanently be in flats!Think of a situation where its sunny, you are walking.....the sweat would be unbearable! Think of the food? How many of us would hack eating raw food?!(Think of the street people,you need to help them, they do not deserve to be on the streets!!!)Of course you are thinking development made these things possible, but i have to say you would not have them if you did not have a dime!

All im saying is this, i think human beings are far fetched and we need anything or anyone to blame for our actions.Say a man decides to throw himself from a building because his bills are too many(by the way this is totally lame!) or a celebrity decides she can smoke ganja weed coz she has the money to buy it undercover..thats your decision not the money.Its just a tool!I believe our own greed, our own irresponsibility causes us to blame money."They have too much money " Isn't that what we say?No one has too much money..if they did then why on earth do they keep investing or working to get more? Think of it....

Did we make money then it made us mad or did we make money and realize we can just go ahead and let it take fault ?If money could talk (talk about all the accusations you have put it through) don't you think it would tell us..why are we making it go mad?!!or rather it would ask..I made who mad??!!

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