Friday, September 17, 2010

Everyone of them deserves a beating...

My title sounds ridiculous!!In real sense it is the perfect act that needs to happen to certain type of people in Nairobi.The type of people who trade dead body parts!!!

Earlier this week we watched on our TV sets as dead body parts traders were caught on camers trading a dead man's private parts!This sad yet very disgusting story left most of us speechless but very angry.
When did it get to this point ?Why did they do it?How did they do it? These are just but afew of the questions in my head and in my fellow Kenyans heads.Today, we woke up to yet another incident where a 24 year old bar tender was found murdered and her private body parts missing!! This not only screams INSECURITY!!!!! but it also means we need to be extra careful....

Deep down in my heart i want to understand these people, that they need to earn a living and blah blah blah...but then i think of the family who end up having a funeral with a corpse with missing body parts!!!

 All i am ranting about is this, is your conscious dead when you chopping out the private body parts or do you just not have one? (we all know you, do not have one!!) If i were the police in-charge of this case, i would make sure that "broker" of the body parts takes us up to the supposedly clients, arrest them as well plus the witchdoctors who are supposedly the initiators of this insane acts!!How do you live with yourself or are you just thinking of cash....???!

So this is not a threat, its just my personal thoughts that from the management of Kenyatta Hospital mortuary where these private body parts are thugged, to the morgue employees who are involved in the business,down to the buyer and supposed witchdoctor, you should be looked in a room, then your beaten out of your senses before you are taken to jail...Regardless the reason as to why you should steal a dead man's private parts, even if it is for the sake of feeding your children,i say this.......

               SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

Note that this blog is not to in-sight anyone and  in no-way should it be termed as hate speech!It is just my legal right - Freedom of expression.

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