Thursday, September 23, 2010

Best of the best: World's most beautiful cities!

The wise men say, pictures say a million words, i say visit where the picture was taken n say no words!My only wish;Nairobi was among the worlds most beautiful cities.We have beautiful people and even grater scenery than most of these do...i am not hatting! Just stating my view. Anyway i will let you be the judge....

1.What i like to call the love city - Paris,France.

2. Vancouver, Canada - best known for the Coast Mountains, Stanley Park and Eco-friendly green space.

3. Sydney, Australia - Always makes me remember the Olympics. Sydney is best know for Sydney Harbour Bridge and the surrounding water, Sydney Opera House and sandy Bondi Beach.

4. Florence,Italy - This country makes me think of designer shoes and great leather bags!Florence city is best know for Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria.

5.Venice, Italy - Now this is just unfair!Italy gets two of its cities in the most beautiful list!!Venice is best know for Canals and gondolas, St Mark's Basilica & absence of cars. I mean it..Absence of cars!!

 6. Cape Town, South Africa - I usually get jealous of SA coz they always shine over the rest of the african countries.This is one of those times! The reason behind them being on this list is the Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch botanical garden, V&A Waterfront.

7. San Fransisco, USA -  I have never been here, thats for sure!but i always thought of it as boring. How wrong i was! San Fransisco is best known for Golden Gate Bridge and Park, cable cars and Fisherman’s Wharf.

8. Chicago, USA - Hhhmmm..why do i think these guys are being favored!Chicago is best known for the Millennium Park, the Magnificent Mile and the shore of Lake Michigan.

 9.New York, USA - Just me saying number 9 is New York, makes me hear Alicia Keys singing, u know New York........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and the marvelous Rap of Beyonce's hubby!LOL!!This city is best known for Central Park- which makes me think of friends, Empire State Building and never-ending skyline !!This is definitely the place i want to visit!!! I so would love to see the naked cow boy, he is always in the movies....what?!

This picture is great!
10.London, England - Now i feel like i just said that with a Brit accent.Felt like it was Victoria Beckham speaking...LOL! London is known for great history,Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and of course this is the city in the country where all hot English Premier League players are found!

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