Friday, September 24, 2010

With all due respect, Africa is a continent not a country!

First and foremost, i mean this in respect to everyone.I do not mean to hate or create any sort of discrimination.
A few months ago, i had someone ask me if i am from Africa and of course i answered 'Yes, i am from Africa'
Then, i quite did not take it seriously up until i visited an African country a few weeks ago and the bell boy who worked in the hotel i was staying asked me"Ma'am,are you from Africa or the US?"

At first i was confused...why  on earth did he ask me if i was from Africa or the US?My brain went on a roll and only much later did i realise that since the country i was in had a high number of Arabs and white coloured people, the boy figured they were not part of Africa. You must be asking yourself and why did he suggest US? Take an obvious guess....President Barrack Obama!!!I am serious this is a real life story!

So to enlighten people who think Africa is one big country, here is great knowledge...Africa is a continent and has 53 beautiful different countries!

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