Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top 10 Natural Wonders to see before they disappear

Less than two weeks ago, Nairobi and the world was in doubt on whether the world would come to an end on 21st May 2011 as had been professed. Strangely enough, i did not want to put much thought into the topic but somehow it was getting to me. I recall at one point, i was wondering what would i have love to see before my moving to the next world?As though in a twilight zone, i stumbled on a piece on budgettravel.com that left me in awe! Have you ever realised that just as we shall leave this earth, not only will different animal species become extinct but natural wonders will also disappear with time especially due to the change in global weather among other factors and here is the top ten natural wonders set to disappear!

1. Belize, Barrier Reef - one of the most diverse reef ecosystems in the world, home to whale sharks, rays, and manatees as well as sturgeon, conch and spiny lobsters. Perhaps the most famous site from the reef
is this one, of the Great Blue Hole.

2. The Congo Basin -  Did you know that the Congo Basin produces 40% of the world's oxygen and serve as a vital source of food, medicine and minerals.

3. The dead sea - It's the lowest spot on earth (1,312 feet below sea level), has 10 times more saline than seawater (so humans float like corks), and is believed to contain therapeutic minerals.

4. The Everglades - At least 20 species in the Everglades are endangered including panthers, turtles, manatees, and great white egrets (shown here).

5. Madagascar's Flora and Fauna - More than 80 percent of Madagascar's flora and fauna are found nowhere else on Earth, thanks to millions of years of isolation in the Indian Ocean off of Africa.

6. The Maldives - Only 200 of the islands of the Maldives are inhabited, and none rise higher than eight feet above sea level. Few scientists hold out much hope for the country if global warming continues to melt the ice caps and raise sea levels. Shown here: Baa Atoll.

7. The poles - the polar bear is also endangered by the steady loss of sea ice, which has decreased 3 percent per decade since the 1970s.

8. Rajasthan, Ranthambore - The tiger's habitats have been reduced 95 percent, and though there are reserves across Asia, most are small and have no corridors between them for the normally far-roaming felines. It's estimated that a tiger a day is killed for use in Chinese traditional medicine.

9. Tahuamanu Rainforest - In this rainforest parrots and macaws feed off of the world's largest salt lick. They share this pristine wonderland with endangered creatures like giant armadillos, ocelots, jaguars, and giant otters.

10. The Yangatze River Basin - Exotic creatures like giant pandas, dwarf blue sheep, Yangtze finless porpoises, and Siberian cranes call this region home—along with some 400 million people.


  1. Interesting facts! And beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would love to see many of these places. It's amazing when you think how much of the world's lands and species are disappearing.

  3. Oh wow..! I'm so amazed by the beauty..! Hmmm...should add this list to the places I would love to visit..thanks for sharing..


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