Friday, May 20, 2011

Cool Attractions: Cancún’s Underwater Museum, Mexico

It is the aspect of uniqueness that attracts people to want to see, at least that's what i have always told myself. True to that fact, when it comes to Mexico, all that seemed to attract people,going by the movies i have watched is drugs,crime and a place to escape to  when they break out of jail while in the States, not forgetting hundreds of love story films that Kenyan T.V continuously air! Come on, if you are in Kenya then you are already aware that Love spell, Mari Chui, Ruby,Storm over paradise etc. are all programs from Mexico and we love them!

Interestingly, Mexico have opened the eyes of the world, leaving us seeing their creativity in a different light! Just like their programmes this new attraction has cast a spell on travelers who particularly have a keen interest in art and history. They have built an Underwater Museum. In a previous post i spoke of Underwater Hotels  which left alot of people in awe!

Now imagine that the world’s largest underwater museum opened three miles offshore in November 2010 with hundreds of sunken life-size human figures! Artist Jason deCaires Taylor used pH-neutral concrete to create these sculptures, which double as a home for peacock flounder, white telestra coral, and other aquatic life that have becoming increasingly threatened by the 750,000-plus annual divers who visit the National Marine Park’s coral reefs.

This not only goes to show how crazy the human brain works to attract people, but it goes to show the strengths and lengths that innovative tourism can do.This art work is said to be the coolest tourist attraction to date!So this makes me wonder, what next?!


  1. Beautiful! I've never heard of such a thing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow...amazing...!! I've not heard of such of a place...its really interesting...

  3. I wish I would've known about this when I was there! Booo! But this gives me another excuse to force the hubby into taking me to Cancun. :P

  4. Hello, I never even knew this existed. It is amazing, but it's highly unlikely I'll ever get to see it up close & personal...I'm not much of a water/underwater explorer.

    Interesting information though. Thank you for sharing.


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