Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A sneak preview to the world's secret heaven on earth

This is my first blog since the A-Z challenge which we (me and fellow bloggers) successfully survived in April.I must say i am grateful to the challenge because it brought back my whole sense of being a writer and i am now focused to making sure i have a published book by end of this year!

Coincidentally, after my last post on 30th April, i went on a safari to learn (was sort of working) and at the same time take a breather! I have so much to share about the trip that my mind is confused on where to start. If i were to write about it, i would probably write a whole book on my experience within a couple of hours. I therefore will try and write about the highlights and this will be broken down into different blogs.

On the first day we visited Meru National Park,Kenya and all the camps and lodges were to die for, with each sparking  emotions that i did not even know i had!However, our visit to a camp known as Rhino River Camp which as the name suggests left me in awe and immediately made me want to go on honeymoon! I am yet to download all the photos that i took but here is a sneak preview of my ideal honeymoon getaway!

So what do you think of this place?Yes, the images are not fabricated ...they are real!


  1. So beautiful! Kenya is interesting. I've often dreamed of visiting Zambia because my cousins were born/lived there. I wish I could travel more. Wanna pack me in your suitcase? :P

  2. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them :)

  3. OOOooh, this is gorgeous! I want to go there too!

    I can't hear to hear more of how you two spent your time! Have fun and be safe!

    YA Paranormal Romance Darkspell coming soon!


  4. I think... I'm in love! This place looks so amazing. I couldn't even begin to imagine experiencing it in person. Do you plan on going back?


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