Monday, May 16, 2011

Nature Photography: A topic i would love to venture

I have become such a bad blogger that i feel so sad about it. Can you believe this is my 3rd post this month?! I have been quite busy with life's up and downs that when i get to my laptop at night, i just fall asleep. However, i did remember that it is in nature that i find inspiration thus found a few images to share with you, plus have promised to at-least blog more for the next couple of days! Infact, i have promised myself that for the remaining days of the month of may, i will try and blog as much as i can about Nature. I hope you and i enjoy this next two weeks nature run stories and images.To start us of we go!

Have a fantastic week! :)


  1. Incredible photos. They just take my breath away! And don't worry about not blogging as much lately, we all have times like that!:)

  2. Wow, wow and wow, Murugi! You took all of these? They're absolutely inspiring.

  3. My favorite is the 4th one down. How fun! Glad to see you back and thanks for these.

  4. I especially love the lake with the pink trees!


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