Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Tale of the Jungle:Her World

When i started this blog, i was not sure of what i wanted to write about and to be sincere, i did not even think much of my header, but as time went by i began to really take this blogging thing seriously. The thoughts that were in my mind were somehow corny! Yes..i did just say that out loud! I moved from being an experimental blogger to a real blogger. I am sure you are pretty much wondering where am i headed with these rumblings?

Next month on the 28th of June, my blog turn's 1 year old and i want to mark it uniquely.I know that i want to change the whole blog design even though i am not sure how i want it to look. I want it to be warm but very earthly. (Yeah...i am still confused) I also want to give my readers a pleasant experience when they get to stop by. So,do you have any ideas on how i can make this possible?!

Here are some images that will give you that "Her World" feeling that maybe could inspire your thoughts?


  1. happy early blogvarssary! you started your blog exactly 2 months after mine...yaaay...You could do a light earthy brown as your background, keep everything else simple and make sure whatever you have on the header makes you happy!x

  2. I love your blog! The animals are wonderful :) Of course, I love doing animal photography. I don't know how you could improve it. But I do understand the need for change now and then. Have fun and surprise us all.

  3. Thanks Nancie and Karen. I appreciate your kind words.


Thank you for your comments. I highly appreciate.