Monday, June 6, 2011

Making Headlines: Kenya's Olarro Camp, Maasai Mara

After Yahoo revamped their travel site earlier this year, I thought to myself that it would just be another travel site but i was wrong.The articles they feature and the places they write have left me inspired and in awe,they have made me fall captive, a slave of their own musings.

Today as i read all the top travel headlines i came across an article that made my day. The topic, 2011's worlds best new hotels and lodges and on the list at number 2 was Olarro Camp! This was great because lately, Kenya has not featured as a top destination as was the case a few years back. The reason why i felt happy was not only because Olarro is a lodge in Kenya, but i have been to Olarro and i concur 100% with it being in second place as a place to reckon for your next holiday or your next visit to the Mara!

With a silent partner like Paul Allen (yes, that Paul Allen, the investor and co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates) backing Olarro, Designer Anthony Russell has worked his magic on the seven thatched cottages and a two-bedroom villa: the tiled floors resemble giraffe markings, and the billowing fabric ceilings give the feel of a tented camp.This is the perfect getaway, especially with the wildebeest Migration just around the corner!

Dinning Area
Olarro Lounge
Olarro swimming pool


  1. this is crazy! I love the pool area!

  2. Oh my goodness...I love the bathroom...& the room...& the swimming fact...I like them all...hahaa..!!


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