Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celebrating Our First Blogoversary!

Today is all about celebrating my turning 1 year old in blogging! Wuhuuu!!!When i first started blogging i had no clue what i wanted to write about, all i knew is i wanted to write! With time, i realised that the best thing to write and rumble about was nature and all its components. A love that can never escape my heart.The animals, the trees and plants, the lodges and hotels, the jungle, the beach, conservation, global warming and so much more!

I was looking at some of my first blog posts and they look so awful! (LOL) I wanted to take them down but i thought if i do that then i would be sort of erasing the memory of where i came from, plus they are a great laugh! The truth is when i took up blogging i thought it was going to be as easy as ABC but i realised that that was not the case. It took time and consistency but most of all personal commitment.The secret to blogging is having fun while you show that side of you that makes you tick! I must say i have alot to be thankful for, i have created a whole lot of bloggy friends and through this blogs i have re-discovered my potential and rekindled my love for writing!

I therefore say thank you for all your lovely comments (not always lovely) and as a promise and commitment to my blog, i will hence fourth create consistencey by blogging every Tuesday & Thursday! (I hope and pray i manage that!)


  1. Hooray for your one year anniversary! I think the topics you choose to post about are lovely. :)

  2. Happy blogversary!!! Your pictures are just beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I am yours as well:)

  3. Hi..happy blogversary..! You've a very interesting blog..different from most that I'm reading..& I really enjoy reading your post..!


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