Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top destinations for people under 30 years and the young at heart

I can imagine my blog topic for this post is ridiculously funny because when i first heard about the survey, i thought it was pretty interesting. People under 30 years are energetic and if not all then at least a majority of them want to go on a trip where they will party and drink themselves silly! And true to my thoughts, according to this are the places where the under 30 years and the young at heart can grace themselves for an energetic getaway!

1. Ibiza 
Obviously a choice that could not miss the list due to the Spanish island's reputation for parties with its famous clubs most notable being CafĂ© del Mar.The ultimate riot and a glimpse of some of the world's best DJ's and bands, Ibiza is the place to visit especially during their summer time. As the famous 19090's  pop group Venga boys sang " Oh..we're going to Ibiza..! Oh..we gonna have a party!"  

2. Cyprus 
Just as Ibiza, Cyprus is a party zone. An island destination in the Mediterranean Sea known not only for the finest restaurants ,clubs and shopping spots in the area, but also home to a sea monster legend. According to travelwires, either the locals drink way too much or there really is a monster!

3. Capetown

The weather and scenery make cape town a prime destination with the young and young at heart. With loads beaches, forests, mountains and outdoor life, there’s always something to do while in SA.

4. Rio De Janeiro
World class festivals, samba in the streets, club hopping till the crack of dawn  are just but a few of the options that Rio has got to offer! Brazilian carnivals have always been on my must experience list before i die so i totally understand why Rio is placed number 4!The well known Rio carnival is the largest in the world with up to two million people joining in the street parties every day during the event.

5. Acapulco 
Well known for being the vacation place where superstars and billionaires go to when they need to relax and have a good time such as the Acapulco beach resort. You’re bound to encounter high rise hotels, irresistible beaches and an explosive nightlife culture dominated by dance clubs, cocktail bars, beach drinking spots and live entertainment. A strange but great attraction that i would be a must see when i visit Acapulco is the cliff divers, who can be seen jumping from horrifying heights into a flaming ocean lit with gasoline. (I know it's creepy and wired!)


  1. Some great choices. I love that you put Cape Town in. :-D

  2. Oh..I would love to visit CapeTown & Rio De Janeiro...but that would have to wait (cos I've very young 2 girls & its hard to travel far with them at this age)


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