Monday, February 7, 2011

The Tiger

This animal fascinates me beyond the norm. It is strong, beautiful, clever and wise. A fact that you did not know is that no two tigers have identical stripes! The Tiger is an endangered species, which is a terrifying fact and truth. I believe that all wild animals are endangered especially with the looming threat of poachers.Following a blog post i did last year Poachers are still a threat to our animals.These people will stop at nothing thus the dire need for us to fight for this animal and other animals....can you imagine the wild without a Tiger? What do you think we should do to curb poaching?

In water still looks amazing....

In the Jungle,it brings out that strong appeal...

Now this pic makes me see the distinct beauty of the Tiger!

And in black and white...the beauty is more!


  1. These are beautiful shots! I hate the thought of them being killed unnecessarily. They are amazing animals for sure. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thank you Karen. It is sickening to think of them being killed but that is the brutal truth.


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