Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tree Hotels in Kenya

Since when i was a kid i have always loved tree houses,now that I'm a grown i like the "sophisticated" tree houses, Tree Hotels.They are built on tress, they are adventurous,beautiful and basically cool! In Kenya we have four main Tree hotels and yes you can be assured i love the experience each time i stay in one of them!

Tree-Tops, Aberdare National Park -It is the original Tree hotel in Kenya and its high point is the scenic view due to it overlooking a water hole which acts as an attraction to the animals who come to drink water from the hole and a salt lick!

Treetops Hotel...
Fairmont The Ark, Aberdare National Park - The Ark as well overlooks a glade with a floodlit waterhole and salt lick which attracts a host of wildlife. Elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard, bush buck, giant forest hog, warthog, water buck and hyena are among the animals seen on a regular basis.

The Ark Tree hotel....
Shimba Lodge -.Located in Shimba National Reserve, Shimba is 48km from Mombasa town and is a 45 minutes drive from the ferry or from Kenya’s south coast. e reserve is one of the last remaining habitat of the rare Sable antelope in East Africa a treat you will not want to miss!

Shimba Tree Lodge....
Serena Mountain Lodge - Located on the slopes of snow capped Mount Kenya., ringed by a dense rain forest that comes alive at dusk with the myriad sounds of creatures all sizes Serena Mountain Lodge offers a matchless game viewing opportunity whilst combining a glorious panorama of mountain vistas with the primordial splendors of an ancient rain forest.

Serena Mountain "Tree" Lodge.....
Should you be interested in visiting one of these tree hotels,look up Uniglobe Lets Go Travel/ Tree Hotels  to get an estimate of about how much it would cost. Come on and re-live the child hood tree house but as mentioned, the sophisticated version!


  1. If I ever get to Kenya - I want to stay in a tree hotel! These are SO COOL! I had no idea. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks Sheila, i do pray & hope one day you get to experience Kenya...& believe me the tree hotels are amazing,you would love it.

  3. waw too nice tree hotel. Thanks for sharing this information its really nice hotel..

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