Friday, February 11, 2011

Birds are beautiful creatures .....Part 2

Have you ever thought you know something then you realise that you really do not know it at all?Thats the feeling i got today in the morning when i woke up to the birds singing outside my bedroom window. Kenya is highly blessed with a variety of birds and it is a great place to go for birding safaris. Following my post on 
Birds are beautiful creatures PART 1 i felt it would be interesting to share more images .

 Images courtesy of Google


  1. Birds are so beautiful and I love their joyful song! There is nothing that fills my heart like listening to their joyful singing!

    Thank you for posting these lovely pictures!

  2. Thanks Collen for stopping over and yes their singing definitely takes you to another world!

  3. These are beautiful photos. I do hope one day I can go on a Safari in Kenya. God's world is so beautiful.

  4. Hi Karen, yes his world is amazing! and believe in your words and hope and someday you will visit Kenya. It is all very possible! Have a great wknd!


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