Thursday, October 27, 2011


Of late Kenya has been making headlines and not because another marathon runner won a race nor the wildbeest have re-started the wildebeest migration, but because Kenya has gone to war in Somalia. Even though the word war is involved, it is not what you may imagine.

Kenya being one of the stable countries in East Africa, she has opened her doors to many of her sourrounding neighbours who are subtle in war or still not stable economically. Most of these people come in as refugees and are in need of help, therefore Kenya has a number of refugee help camps on its borders especially where Kenya and Somalia borderlines are. This however has somewhat turned into a turmoil because Somalia has militia groups who have been terrorising the Somalia people for years now and they seem to have gone a notch higher by penetrating  the Kenya coast and abducting tourists especially in Lamu where our coast lines meet!

On numerous ocassions the militia group in question, Alshabab believed to be an arm of the Al-queda terrorist group,has attacked not only Kenyan or African ships but European and Asian ships too on these very same waters.Kenyan government therefore decided to send military troops into Somalia to protect herself and more so, the ever increasing number of Somali refugees in Kenya who have fled their country because of the Al shabab.

Fear has spread the streets and into other countries that with this war position, Kenya is no-longer safe. However, the government has deployed heavy security all over the cities with all buildings and malls doing the same. The tourism minister released a press statement earlier in the week, stating that Kenya and her cities are still safe for tourists and their should not fear nor cancel their trips.

I also agree with the government, i live and work in the city center and even though the Alshabab have issued threats, i do not believe Kenya should be deemed as an unsafe place. Maybe we need to take more precatution and keep our eyes open but would  this mean we close our doors to the helping the refugees too?What do you think?



  1. That's a heart breaking question to have to ask. I know the US has spoken of helping out. But our debt is so high- I don't know if they can. I'm glad you are safe and will say a prayer about this today. God bless!

    Beautiful photo. I don't know why anyone would want to destroy such a beautiful place.

  2. It's a difficult question. As I get older, I feel that it is important not to get involved in others' problems - I mean on a national level, not a personal one, of course.

    This is just a personal view, having seen that usually it doesn't really work out well.

    I am very sad because Kenya has built up such a good reputation as a beautiful tourist destination, and to have this image tarnished, is very hard on those who earn their living in the tourist trade.

  3. Great blog i like the fact that you ask the hard questions. Should we deny refugees acess to our country due to Alshabab? Personally I have to agree with Jenny Woolf getting involved in another countries problems never leads to anything good. Can't differentiate between who's pro and against Al-Shabab.

  4. @Karen, Money and Power is why the Al shabab wants to destroy Somalia and its neighbours but God will not let that happen.
    @Jenny.. yes it is a tough call
    @Pichazajoe..Thank you, sometimes you just have to ask thisquestions, however hard and tough they are ..:)


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