Friday, October 14, 2011

The Wildcat

I always used to think that wildcats were big, mean and ..well, wild as the name suggest. This may be because i am obsessed with wild animals and when someone utters the word wild all that comes in my mind are game reserves and forests.... My thoughts were however not wrong but partly wrong.

Real facts about Wildcats
According to wikipedia and the little knowledge i have, wildcats are small, similar to the domesticated cats, native to Europe, western part of Asia and Africa.They hunt small mammals,birds and other creatures of similar size.There are several subspecies distributed in different regions world wide.

The History 
An interesting fact though, a study suggest that all current house cats in the world are descendants from a group of self domesticating wildcats 10,000 years ago, somewhere in the Near East. It is believed that this domestication occurred when the Agricultural Revolution yielded grain, which would be stored in granaries, that attracted rodents, which in turn attracted cats!

The more i learnt about wildcats the more i started to relate to them. Even though we human beings act all civil and...domesticated, we all have a wild side in us and just like the domesticated cat, when provoked we show our wild side, and just like the wildcat subspecies that choose to remain wild all these years after the Agricultural Revolution and not get domesticated, we at times choose to be a wildcat.

So do you have a wildcat side inside of you or are you simply a wildcat?

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  1. What a fabulous creature. It looks so alert and absolutely living in the moment. Wonderful photos.


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