Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Sea Safari - Please vote for my story!

Last year i took a trip down to the Kenyan coast and gave you all detailed reports in a two part blog series. The first day was described in the blog as Mombasa; Our version of Las Vegas and Hawaii and the second day was described as What happens in Mombasa stays in Las Vegas or is it Hawaii.

This trip holds very special moments in my life especially in my travel life, thus why when i heard of this competition that was being run by one of the local airlines in Kenya (Air Kenya Airways), i knew i had to enter my travel story.

I explain my story with my pictures, from how we went on a sea game drive, to crushing a wedding and how the people at the coast are very friendly. So where's the catch? I need your Votes to win the prize!!!

The prize consists of a romantic cruise on the Swahiliana Dhow on the Kenyan Coast,Lamu. Lamu is an ancient town where the Swahili culture lives and thrives!It is one of those towns that time has left untouched, with no vehicles nor state-of-the art roads or technology! It is simple yet a gem in our world...and i need you to VOTE  for me! Everyday you are entitled to one vote. I am deppending widely on the blogsphere world to support one of their own! Please pass this to all the bloggers everywhere!

Thank you!

Angela, xoxo.   

For those who cant access the link please cope and paste this link:   


  1. I tried to vote but it wanted all sorts of personal info. Sorry : ) I don't have a facebook account. Rats! But I hope you win!!!

  2. Aw, honey! I'm not on Facebook. I love the title, 'What happens in Mombasa ...'


  3. I'll go to Facebook and see if I can vote. Good luck!


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