Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Swahili Sparrow

The Last time i actually wrote about a bird was in April when I did the April blog challange. Not that I never think of writting about birds, just that birds are those creatures who are constantly in our everyday life that we never give much attention to, as we should. What i mean is if a lion was to appear outside your window you would probably faint in shock or freeze in shock,then later narate the story to all your pals endlessly, wheras birds appear almost, if not everyday on our windows, when we are driving or walking etc but we do not pay much attention...

Introducing the Sparrow

 The sparrows, true sparrows, or Old World sparrows all in the family Passeridae are small passerine birds.
As eight or more species nest in or near buildings, and the House Sparrow and Eurasian Tree Sparrow in particular inhabit cities in large numbers, sparrows may be the most familiar of all wild birds. This means in the number of hours you have been awake today, you have probably seen more than two (2) sparrows without your knowledge!

There over 20 different species of sparrows and one which i bound to never forget is the Swahili Sparrow,which lives in the Savannah of southern Kenya and Tanzania. So which of the many sparrows do you think you have come across today?

Meet the Swahili Sparrow!!! Did you know she exists?!

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