Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top World Health Retreats and Programs : Why they are becoming a No 1 holiday choice

These days all people talk about is how they need to loose weight or build their muscles or keep fit both mentally and physically! This is one of the driving points as to why many people are opting for a health retreat holiday, other than the normal holiday getaway. Resorts, hotels and lodges have come to the realization that people no-longer want just the ordinary spa treatments but want and crave for more!This in-turn has led to an increase of health retreats, yoga and meditation programs being offered in the resorts and according to  http://www.gayot.com/ the below are the top 5 health retreats in the world!

 1. California Health & Longevity Institute, USA
2. Canyon Ranch Miami Beach, USA 
3. Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort and Spa, Australia 
4. Zamani Zanzibar (Kempinski), Tanzania
5. Les Sources de Caudalie, France 

With this list i thought of which would be termed as the top health retreats in Kenya, and this is what i came up with;

1. Diani Reef Beach and Spa, Diani Beach
2. Samburu Saruni (Well being space), Samburu Game Reserve
3. Suyian Soul, Suyian Ranch - Laikipia

According to you, which resort,hotel or lodge, do you feel has the best health retreat, spa, meditation, yoga or well being treatments?


  1. I think I need to go on a retreat. :P Maybe my fairy godmother with send me some money!

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