Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inspirational Nature

A few days ago i read a blog that spoke about how sometimes we bloggers loose motivation and it is sometimes good to have a source of inspiration. I know at times i get a little bit (OK ..a lot) too critic about my blogs and more often it is negative criticism.Today,i felt that it would be good to blog beautiful images that may remind me of why i started to blog (my love for nature,conservation, wildlife and life as a whole) plus why i love to write (the message and satisfaction it gives me). I hope that this will serve as a start and that in future i will post more inspirational material.



Against all odds; SKY IS THE LIMIT
Always remember that what you write/ post content , it will always act as a inspiration and motivation to someone out there! It is important to think, act and write positive because we need to channel POSITIVITY in our world!


  1. Amazing photos Muguri! They are so fun. I love the baby deer. It will take some work for him to have strong legs : )

  2. What a great idea you had to identify the reasons you blogged in the first place. Would love to read a blog post on why the fly motivates you. :)


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