Friday, July 15, 2011

Going on a Beer trip?

You may be thinking that i must have miss-spelt the beer and should actually be bear? Well nope! My spelling is very correct.Today  being a Friday, i felt we should discuss BEER trips which are seemingly becoming very common especially in Europe and i must admit...Kenyans are also following the trend!

Beer trips are famous with young people and the young at heart, with soccer and rugby fans being the most notorious with these trips! So the ultimate question must be, what exactly do you do on a beer trip?! According to yahoo, the top 5 things to do while on a beer trip?
1. Tastes as many beers as possible
2. Match beer with great food (I would vouch for Nyama Choma - the typical Kenyan Barbecue!)
3. Visit a brewery
4. Talk beer to locals
5. Give the beer a rest!!

I know, number 5 is a killer! I laughed my eyes out...! As mentioned Europe is the leading for these beer trips and in Particular...Germany! According to Live-like-a website the top places to have a beer trip would be:
1. Munich
2. Bavaria
3. Alpirsbach
4. Cologne
5. Jever
6. Bremen

So as a weekend challenge i thought to myself,where in Kenya  are there lots of places where you can have a beer trip, Nairobi the capital city being the party topper but exact spots...hmmmm? I could think of a few, say Westlands, Langata area, Central business district and so much more..But of the cities and towns in Kenya, Mombasa is great but i believe Malindi is a winner!

Do you agree with me if you are in Kenya or have been here? And if your not a resident in Kenya, tell me of where in your area you think a beer trip would work?

Great weekend! :)

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  1. Jambo. I've never been to Kenya but had many Kenyan friends at one time; and if I still drank beer, then I'd straightaway put (as an Indian) Bangalore at the top of the beer trip list, Really, there isn't anyplace else. By the way, I used to LOVE Nyama with Ugali.


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