Friday, July 29, 2011

Horn of Africa Horror; The worst in 60 years! Part 2

Today we woke up to hundreds of able Kenyans raising funds worth over 30 million Kenya Shillings ( approx US$ 350,000)! In the midst of all that is happening i am glad to say that we love each other and that as a country we can pull through this difficult time.

Following my blog post Horn of Africa Horror friends have been emailing me and sending comments, and i want to sincerely say thank you all. I particularly would like to say Asante sana which means thank you in Swahili to Karen Kyle Ericson of  Hope Faith & Life as she posted this heart filled prayer that has touched my soul so much, that i am out of words to express how i feel.....Here is what she wrote,

"My friend Murugi from Her World has asked for prayers for the horn of Africa- Ethiopia, Somalia, and parts of Kenya.  They are experiencing a devastating drought.  Feel free to pray with me if you like. 

Dear Heavenly Father I lift up those in Africa who are suffering from the drought.  Please send rain and hope to these people. I pray You will be present with them and send in workers who can help them.  Comfort those who mourn and bring food to those who are starving.  Nothing is impossible for You.  You control the weather.  Let Your light shine on those who feel forsaken.

In Jesus Name, Amen."

Please keep praying and helping out as much as you can if you are in Kenya or anywhere in the region. I understand some  may not be able to send donations or help out due to geographical reasons but here is my request, in which ever part of the world you are today, try and help someone in need. It could be a neighbour, a homeless person on the street or a dirty beggar, this way we will still be making the world a better place to be in.

PS: For Kenyans in the diaspora who would like to help and aid the situation, the can contact the Kenyans For Kenya organisation on twitter @kenyans4kenya or send in donations to;
KCB bank •swift code: KCBLKENX •Acc #: 1133333338 •Branch: Moi Ave •clearcode: 01100  Account: KenyansforKenya. 

This initiative is courtesy of Safaricom Kenya, Red Cross Society of Kenya and KCB bank.


  1. Still praying and placing this whole situation in the Lord's hands...

    Please keep updating as you can on this topic and be well!

    Much love, Colleen

  2. This is heartbreaking. Thanks for writing a post about it.


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