Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top 10 of the World's Deserts

It has been a couple of days since i blogged and i am feeling more than guilty. However , i now know that i have no option but to blog frequently considering i have taken up the April A-Z challange meaning i have to blog daily!!

As mentioned in some of my recent past blogs,Nairobi has been quite dry and as usual, my brain did some meandering, thinking of yet another aspect of this world. Deserts! I think of myself as religious, so everytime i think of a desert or hear of a desert i remember the image that often acompanies the message from the Bible about Jesus' footsteps!I know...quite an active brain.So nature is amazing and so are these top 10 deserts according to me and

1. Salar de Uyuni,Bolivia
2. Sahara desert - said to be the world's largest desert, no specific country can take credit but to name a few, Egypt,Tunisia,Algeria,Sudan,Morroco
3. Gobi desert,Mongolia - It is also known as the Flaming Cliffs

4. Wadi Rum,Jordan
5. Thar desert,India

6. Patagonian desert,Argentina

7. Atacama desert,Chile

8. Antarctic desert,Antarctica

9. Kalahari desert,Botswana

10. Mojave desert,USA


  1. Beautiful! Deserts are so mysterious. You wonder how animals can live out there. And plants? How do they grow in a harsh climate like this? God knows! Glad to see you'll have more posts. I always enjoy your work.


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