Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Arctic Animals;Another of nature's wonder

Surely nature is one big wonder. In Kenya we usually have our cold season in July and during that time the cold is usually too much to handle. As i was walking in the busy streets early this morning, i could not help but shed a tear as i passed a group of homeless people who were sleeping by the road sides.This got me to think of the cold and as my thoughts progressed, i  found my inner voices settle to the fact that the world is one strange place and to think that they are animals that live in the arctic and do not die of the cold?!!

This is something that i have tried to understand but still remains a mystery to me. So i gathered beautiful images of animals in the arctic which are pure incredible.

Arctic Fox

Arctic Hare
Arctic Skua


Harp Seal Pup - Arctic


Polar bears

Snowy Owl
Images courtesy of Google


  1. God's design is so amazing! These are beautiful animals and I got a little thrill at His handywork when I read the words and saw the photos. Thanks for this post. He supplies all our needs.

  2. These animals are indeed amazing and God did make them to survive the cold. I grew up in the far north but many of these animals live even farther north of where I grew up. The weather was very cold in winter when I grew up but it seems to be much warmer these days and not as long a winter.


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