Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan: All the good things!

This past few days we have all watched nature turn against Japan, with a tsunami happening leaving thousands injured and dead. It is hard to imagine that one minute you could be smiling at your loved one and the next minute they are gone. Today i felt that it would be great if we spoke of some of the great attraction points in Japan other than discussing all the pain and heartache they are going through.

I have always dreamt of visiting Japan and no tsunami will ruin my imagination. Japan is rich in historical site and ancient survival stories and i believe this will be just another one of those stories.

Historic monuments of ancient Nara
Buddhist monuments in the Horyu-ji temple area
Historic peace memorial (Genabaku Dome)
Himeji-jo castle
Shrines and temples of Nikko
Shirakami - Sanchi 
Yakushima Island
 These are just but a few of what Japan holds, the list is endless..!

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  1. we're praying for japan! so sad.x

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the happy memories. :) A nation of such culture, design, and beauty.

  3. Yes..the most we can do is pray for Japan.


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