Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The undeniable truth about Global Warming....?

I have never taken keen interest in science.When i was growing up, science was just another subject that i needed an A for a pass and that was that.

I watched and witnessed one of Kenya's Heroines Wangari Mathai get awarded in 2004 as she became the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to sustainable development, and i thought what a waste of time and money!

Little did i know that all she fought for, all she cried for, all she said actually was meant for my survival! I have watched scientists talk about end of the world, i have seen religiousts talk about end of the world , i have witnessed the looming truth yet i still battle to believe that it all could be true!

 The above picture depicts what is to be, and how the heating has slowly began. Just recently, sited in my leaving room i got to watch the Russia fires, and this is where my doubt and questions began?Could we be ignoring the truth to escape from reality, because the reality of earth being extinct is too much for us to bear?

Reports have come in saying that this could be as a sign or result of Global Warming!Religious believers have also been reported to term this as a sign of the end?And others including scientist have sought to prove that this has nothing whatsoever to do with Global Warming!
If you are like me,you are left wondering whom to believe? Who is right?What is the way forward? Do we even need a way forward?And who will give us that way ?

Scientists have proved that by avoiding pollution,planting trees, we actually could help in cooling the Earth. Recent reports and findings by the Australia Academy of Science warns that in 2100 the Earth will be hotter than at any time in the past few million years!The have gone on to warn that Global Warming is a real phenomenon.If they are talking about Year 2100, this means that in the next 90 years human race will be extinct?Our children and children's children will not exist?

I may not believe in science, i may doubt the fact that humans just like me are convinced by year 2100 the Earth will be on flames , you may call me doubting Thomas if you are a religiousist but all said and done if there is a way to stop this life threatening wave, i will take the plug and do something and here is an interesting peice of art that i believe may help us save ourselves....

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