Saturday, August 28, 2010

The caller...My Mr.Big

It is true to say that nobody goes hunting if there is no prey.It is also true to state that more often than we may realize, the hunter could turn  to be the hunted. 

Just a few years back i was one of those who i like to call the walking wounded. I had just taken a grip of my career life and also had just started living as a legal adult.I remember once when i had to make a decision and i thought to myself that even though we had been taught of all the skills to adult survival, no one had ever told me that when you grow up, the decisions you make determine your life!To cut along story short, I meet the guy whom i thought at the time was my life. After the ups and downs of a dramatic relationship, we finally called it quits because of the actions, annoyance and abuse that we caused each other. It was as though if we stayed together,we only caused more harm on each other.The big girl in the city had accustomed to being in one bad relationship to jumping into a worse one.
I recall thinking to myself that this subject of life called love is just not for me. Its just not for people who are willing to give so much and ready to take in all the crap that could come their way. I remember telling God, from now hence fourth its all about me and my career and my friends. No lovers involved.At this particular moment is when i realized i was a walking wounded. I was a prey. A prey that seemed to be a target to every man i dated. All they wanted to do was shoot me down and make a barbecue meal out of me!At this realization, i decided i would let them think of me as Prey but in reality i would hunt them down. I would make great "Mshkaki" out of them.I had a plan and with my plan i needed loyal friends who knew exactly what i was talking about...It was time to teach the hunters that in the century we live in women can also hunt....
We had everything ready for the job, new wardrobe, new looks and most of all our acting skills sharpened! Everywhere we went, everything we did we made sure if you smiled at us, you would be signing the contract to death row.. our plan make you fall in love with us, make you think you were the one then as soon as you said and meant the three amazing words "I LOVE YOU" , you'd get dumped in public.Humiliate, embarrass and degrade were the main action words.My friends an i were women with an agenda, women with ambition. women with a plan.Until... I got the call.
Ring Ring Ring........
 I knew i had to stick to the plan, that i was not meant to brake the friends new code and most importantly i could not abort a mission that i created and established.Unfortunately, my caller kept on being sweet,kind, generous all done on phone. This was getting strange. This caller would call me through out, send me gifts, write emails, send beautiful text messages and it was scary and yet amazing. I knew this was just a phone thing and that we probably would never make it a real relationship.Little did i know, that my caller had decided to come and see me in person!This is a stranger i had never seen face to face, yet through the millions of conversations we had had , he knew everything about me, every little thing and in every little detail. In my defense, i was certain i would never get to meet him so,it never crossed my mind that this man knew every cuticle in my nails yet we were complete strangers to each other!

 This was a situation, my friends did not know i was in a telephone relationship bearing in mind we had a hunt the man down! The situation was getting out of hand, and i could not do anything to change it. He was here and there was nowhere to run. I did not want to burn the outlandish bond that we had but i also did not want to admit that i was getting sucked into a relationship yet i had already made my friends draw up a cartel of destroy men!

The day finally came when the man came to my city.We had planned a lunch date, a date that i planned to tell him the truth. I was an assassin, an assassin who was wearing a love bomb.Tricky enough, this man knew me well enough that he probably sensed i was not going to show up for the date!What did he do? He came to my office unannounced, and when he walked heart dropped to the ground and so did my jaw!He was perfect!!! also, true danger!
This equaled to ................

  I arranged for a meeting with my friends and over drink i decided to tell my own cartel of love bombers, the truth. I had fallen in love.In an awkward silence of about thirty seconds, they all started talking at once...."I knew you could not do it" "You are more silly that we thought" "We are so happy for you!" "Is he handsome?" Just like Carrie in Sex and the City, i told them i think i found my Mr. Big. The only question that lingered in my head now that i had assassinated my plan of hunting and roasting men..was my Mr. Big really Mr.Big?


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