Saturday, February 11, 2012

And a bit of love.......

Although it's not a public holiday, this is the one day on the calender that people get to fuss about love and paint the streets red, with flowers, chocolate, teddy bears and all that mushy stuff being sold at great discounts. In case you did not know..yes I am a hopeless romantic kind of girl, who always loves to jump in the "love festivities" killing myself with trying to get the perfect gift, even though for the past four years I have gotten him the same gift...his favourite bottle of whiskey and a pair of socks or a tie..classic right? LOL! This year I am however thinking of doing something different for him (yeah ..right). I also felt it was good to share some love with my blog family but in a different way (enjoy the pictures)..... So what are you up to this valentines?

Happy Vals! :)

Images adopted from - The week in wildlife

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