Friday, November 11, 2011

Tana River - The longest river in Kenya

Images courtesy of Google


  1. Lovely photos. Looks like an adventure for sure!

  2. Thank you Craig and Karen for your kind comments, Tana River has some of the best spots for either Bungee Jumping or White water rafting! Fancy either?:)

  3. Great pics - certainly don't see that kind of thing outside our door!
    Thanks for commenting over at Daily Dodo - there's something really odd happening with my follower button, but hope to see you again soon

  4. Thank you Laura, I will try and pass by your blog. :)

  5. Hi there! thanks so much for commenting and signing up to follow my blog. I really like what I'm seeing here and I'm going to sign on!
    If I lived in Africa, I'd probably burn up my cameras from using them too much!

  6. can you tell me more about how the river is really long because i need to know because i am doinmg a project about it thankyou cheers


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