Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Saving our Elephants and Rhinos

Last week I sent out a press release that was posted on blogs that I publish, here and our company blog Lets Go Travel, Kenya. The post spoke of how conservationists were doing their best with the latest campaign to try and save our elephants with the campaign being dubbed, Hands off our elephants!

Truth is, I do not think people understand how serious this is! It is said that if the current trend on Ivory poaching continues, we basically expect all the elephants to be extinct within 10 years! If this is not alarming enough, then let me break it down to you with what Citizen TV news anchor, Johnson Mwakazi would call SENSE....

Tourism is one of the main pillars of economy in Kenya, with it being the 2nd largest source of foreign exchange revenue following agriculture. This means that at least a high population depend on tourism to put food on their tables! Think of it, for this industry to function we need other sectors such as the communication sector, food & poultry, transport etc. But all these other sectors to have business depend on that tourist who is coming to see that Elephant that we are killing for the sake of Ivory trade!

Figures point out that 384 elephants were slain in 2012, expectations are that this year will be even worse: 92 elephants and 17 rhino were poached in the first 10 weeks of this year - 12 of which were killed in one go, in Tsavo East national park!

Of course, Rhino horn / poaching is not exempt with just in the recent past, Lewa wildlife conservancy, a conservancy created in order to protect the rhinos saw two black rhino - one just three days old - gunned down even though the conservancy has an aircraft patrolling the skies and  heavily armed protection unit, poachers still got in and out,in efforts to get the rhino horn!

All I am trying to say is this, if we could create more awareness, more strict penalties such as the raised fines and jail terms... just maybe the "kingpins" who basically contract the middlemen, who in turn contract the ground poachers would be scared to trade!

What do you think we should do to stop this Killing of our Elephants and Rhinos?

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