Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top ways not to irritate your fellow passengers when flying

The other day I was reading one of my all-time favourite travel blog – A luxury travel blog, and I came across this article that I just had to share with you. I am certain that in one occasion, you must have experienced at least one of the irritants, if not all.
1. Rules are rules
Watch and listen to the safety announcements, regardless of whether you’re a frequent flyer. Take note of any instructions and don’t think that rules apply to everyone except you. Switch off your phone if you’re supposed to, don’t get up if the seat belt light is still lit… and so on and so forth. The rules exist for your own safety as well as the safety of others.

2. Your seat
If there’s one thing that’s sure to annoy your fellow passengers, it’s got to be suddenly reclining your seat into the face of the person behind you, no doubt spilling the said person’s drink that was delicately balanced on the seat’s precarious make-shift table. If you feel the urge to recline it a little, do so slowly and be sympathetic to whoever is sitting behind you.

3. Their seat
Don’t pull on the seat of the person in front of you when get up – push off from your own seat.

4. Your / their arm-rest
Nobody wants to feel cramped by whoever they’re sitting next to. If you’re wider than you are tall, book two seats. Better still, do some exercise and go on a diet. But if you’re of normal build, remember not to hog the arm-rests. Those occupying middle seats ought really to get use of at least one.

5. Incessant talking
It might just be that your neighbour was looking forward to reading a book or maybe a rest on his/her flight. Don’t talk incessantly and bear in mind that if they’re engaging in conversation, it might just be that they’re being polite.

6. Babies and children
If you have them, try to keep them under control. Don’t let them incessantly kick the seat in front of them. Come prepared with things that will entertain them for the duration. If your child ‘kicks off’, at least make an effort to calm the disturbance – there’s nothing more annoying than an unruly child and parents who seemingly don’t care.
If you don’t have them, understand that sometimes babies (in particular) and children have their moments. They could be suffering from a change in air pressure or just having a bad day. Remember, you were their age once.

7. Don’t get drunk
For your own personal health and comfort, you should be looking to keep well hydrated during a flight. Alcohol is dehydrating and its effects are magnified at high altitude. If you’re going to have alcohol, then do so in moderation.


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