Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Keeping Fit While Traveling - For the Business Traveller

Following a feature article I read on CNN’S BusinessTraveller segment, for most people keeping fit involves an established exercise routine built around a regular weekly schedule. But what if your job involved large amounts of travel? 

In my line of duty, all I see is travel, travel and more travel! This means that typically thinking about exercise is close to never, even though we have countless times heard of how lack of exercise not only impairs your waistline, but can also reduce energy and concentration level, in turn reducing your work productivity.
Below, I gathered some of the tips proposed which I feel will ultimately help all those business travellers out there….   
1) Don’t treat business travel as a "holiday" from your health regime
Just because you are away on a business trip, this does not mean you should not do your normal twenty minutes morning jog or your daily yoga stretches! You could jog around your hotel etc.  This way you would still be working and keeping fit!

2) Prepare and do research
Before you travel, investigate the best locations for your preferred form of exercise. If you're into cycling, see if there's a local bike hire company nearby; if you're a jogger, plan the most scenic route to get the most of your new environment. Basically it is advisable you plan your health workout as part of your schedule. 

3) Bring portable fitness equipment
Things such as a simple skipping rope can make a big difference and will not require you going extra lengths, in that you could carry it in your travel bag and use it while in you hotel room. 

4) Don't overindulge at business dinners
I believe this tip is the hardest! Just because you are on a business trip that does not give you the pass to overindulge in the tasty deserts! Keep your health first and remember the consequence of what you are eating. 

5) Take advantage of hotel fitness services
In this day and era, most hotels are fitted with some sort of health fitness centres or gyms. They usually have great programs that can benefit the hotel resident (you).

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