Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting Banned by Top Hotels

We have all read stories of celebrities getting banned at top level hotels for strange behaviours or rather misbehaviours! If you haven’t here are a few that we picked up courtesy of Yahoo Travel.....

Britney Spears 

The Incident: Even though the legendary Chateau Marmont has a history of harboring wild celebrities, from Errol Flynn to Dennis Hopper and Lindsay Lohan, the Hollywood hangout reportedly banned Britney in 2007. The reason? Bad table manners: she was supposedly smearing her dinner on her face, inspiring several complaints from other guests.
Still Unwelcome? Other hotels reportedly followed suit during the pop star’s very public troubles that year: the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Beverly Hills Four Seasons both reportedly closed their doors to Spears’s antics. The Four Seasons ban was apparently not universal, as Spears has since been spotted at branches in Budapest and Buenos Aires.

Paris Hilton

The Incident: In 2010, just trying to check in at the Wynn got the hotel heiress both banned and facing criminal charges. As they were pulling up at the hotel, Hilton and her then boyfriend underwent a traffic stop that quickly escalated—culminating when Hilton reached for lip balm in her purse, and a bag of cocaine fell out instead. The Wynn and Encore resorts banned Hilton from staying and fired her boyfriend, who was, at that time, manager at two of the resort’s nightclubs.
Still Unwelcome? Hilton pleaded guilty to drug possession and obstructing an officer, and served a year of probation, as well as paying a $2,000 fine and serving 200 hours of community service. By the end of 2011, the Wynn reportedly reinstated Hilton as a BFF, and she’s been spotted partying at The Encore Hotel’s Surrender nightclub (“Wynning,” as put it).

Lil Wayne

 The Incident: In 2010 the Wynn in Las Vegas issued a pre-emptive ban against the rapper, who arrived at the hotel for festivities after a performance at the Hard Rock Hotel. At the time, Lil Wayne was fresh off an eight-month sentence for attempted criminal possession of a weapon, and had also been legally prohibited from having alcohol for the next three years. The Wynn, according to reports, was concerned that Wayne (and the hotel) would be asking for trouble if he came inside.
Still Unwelcome? Lil Wayne took his business to The Palms instead, without incident. The Wynn had no comment.

This got me thinking, what are some of the behaviours that would get us (normal people) banned from a hotel? My top two are; Bad table manners & Drunk and disorderly. 

What do you think one would do to get a ban from a hotel? Are there some local celebrities, friends or family that you know of, who have been served with hotel bans? Tell us, we would love to hear more!


  1. Interesting post - Guests that have loud and unruly kids that run amok should be banned! If no kids are involved then throw out adults that are loud, unruly and run amok! My pet peeve is kids in fine dining establishments that truly are annoying.

    Cheers, Jenny

  2. Having no respect for others property and an attitude of 'who cares, I can pay for it'. That might get you kicked out.

    1. True... i find that very common in big hotels especially. Trying to show how much they have and how much they can spend...

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  4. Great post gud work!!!
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