Monday, June 11, 2012

A Reason To Tour Turkana... and it is not because of the Oil deposits.

If you are in East Africa, especially in Kenya, then of course this does not come as news that Turkana County is now said to have Oil deposits. This came as a shock to many because Turkana county is one of the places in Kenya where it is always characterised in the media as a poverty and drought stricken area. The news we have always received from Turkana is nothing really but sad news until now... However, I choose not to dwell on the oil issue as my interest solely lies on a different attraction in this now popular county....The touristic approach.

How many of us have ever thought of touring Turkana ? Sincerely I never did....until now (just kidding). Turkana is a place widely known for the Lake Turkana, the World's largest permanent desert lake and the world's largest alkaline lake. 

Turkana people have a very rich culture which I believe is something worth learning and witnessing first hand, and if we were to go by the last country census, the Turkana people are even a bigger margin  of the Kenyan people than the world known Masai People. 

I am sure your next question is, so what else would you do while in Turukana? A visit to the Central Island National Park, Fishing at Lake Turkana,Sundowner by the lake while sipping on chilled wine or a cold beer, visit the local market and get to interact with the local people and the list is endless....

So now that you have sorted what to do, comes the obvious question, where would you stay? And the answer to that is Eliye Springs Camp and Lodge. The first time I heard of Eliye Springs, I must say I thought they were crazy to have put up a lodge in Turkana, but now the more I think of it, the less the idea seems crazy!

Eliye Springs includes 6 luxury and unique Turkana bomas,a well stocked bar with cold drinks,an open dining room, the Palm tree bar,the massage corner,a swimming pool, motor boats and fishing equipment.
A boma contains a main house (the biggest ever built Turkana hut) with double bed and some furniture, a veranda facing the Lake, a tiled bathroom and a space for relaxing, sunbath and pleasure. The Lodge also has a camping site, if you prefer pitching tents.

So... next time you are thinking of a holiday, try and step out of the normal Masai Mara, Mombasa or Nakuru.....Try Turkana!


  1. Beautiful! I wish I could afford to go there!

    1. Have, you will soon afford it. :)

  2. Well done on your BAKE award Murugi, and what a great blog!



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