Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Her Lifestyle: Meet Maryanne Waweru - Wanyama from Mummy Tales

I had a chat with Maryanne of Mummy Tales Blog, which is one of my all time favourite blog because of all the stuff you learn about motherhood. For most women this is a chapter in life which is ..... (I have no words to describe it)!! So here at Her world, it is time we got to know a little bit more about the lady who has become a source of advice for many women....

1. Tell us more about your blog and why you decided to write about motherhood 

My blog is about my day to day experiences as a mom – both good and bad. I decided to write about motherhood because there are so many experiences to narrate about this journey and being a writer, this is the best way that I could capture them. Mummy Tales is my diary, a journal that I will look back on together with my family in future years and reminisce those moments.

But besides sharing my experiences, I also hope to educate and inform other moms on different issues that affect us. I hope they can learn from my experiences and from the resources that I use in my posts. I have also learnt a lot from other moms who give me feedback and guide me on different issues as I build my family.

So my blog is not just about me – it’s a community. 
Maryanne 4 months pregnant... aint this just sweet.:)
2. Which is the best destination you have ever visited? Why?
It’s got to be Mauritius.
I loved it because I found the beaches so pristine and inviting and the country so relaxed and easy. We (hubby and I) also had a good experience driving through the entire country on smooth roads while sampling the various tourist attractions. I was four months pregnant then and I totally enjoyed our weeklong stay there. 
3. Which is your favorite restaurant in Kenya? Why?

Indigo Spice in Westlands. I love its alluring ambience and their lovely food. I also enjoy the warm hospitality given each time I’m there.

4. Which / where is your dream holiday destination? Why?

Somewhere in the Caribbean islands. I think being in a different continent and taking in the scenery while enjoying the experience of a different culture will be a surreal moment for me.

5. What do you like most about traveling? What do you dislike most about traveling?

Being to a different place with new experiences is always welcome for me as in this rat race, life can be routine and sometimes dreary. So it is the experiencing new things from my everyday environment that gives me so much satisfaction.

What I dislike – the travel itself! I don’t like the journey much –whether by road or by air and I’m always very impatient as I just can’t wait to get there already so that I can start enjoying myself. I find travelling so confining, tiring and endless and I don’t like that at all.

6. What / which gadgets do you NEVER miss to pack in your travel bag?
My camera, a notebook and a pen. Because anything can happen at anytime. I’m a journalist.

7. What is more of a romantic getaway for you, Beach or Safari?
Beach definitely. So that I can laze around in the sun all day.

8. Tell us 3 things about you that your blog doesn't?
 I hate travel by water. But if I really must, I’ll sit somewhere where I’ll stay fixated until we get to our destination, all the while praying hard and afraid of looking into the water.
-       I’m just not a movie person. I find it hard to stay still and watch a movie till the end. On the times that I find myself watching one (once in five years), I prefer fast forwarding and quickly seeing what will happen next.
-       I love writing. I could write forever.

9. What travel tips do you have for "Her World" as she trots around Kenya and globe?
Enjoy the moments and capture them all.


  1. Great article and kudos Mummy Tales for a very interesting blog.

  2. Thank you Murugi for hosting me here. And congratulations on your recent BAKE award. Thanks too Anonymous for the warm comment. Keep reading.

    1. You are welcome Maryanne. It was great to host you. :)

  3. I am not a mum but just love reading mummy tales kudos. You need to start Daddy tales too.


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