Thursday, February 14, 2013

Climbing Mount Longonot

Hello lovers! I'm back.......!! How i have missed being on this space...but as you may know i recently got a baby girl thus why i had taken the long break from blogging, seriously you just never have the time to do anything! This however does not mean i forgot to adventure and have fun.!

My office workmates put a trip to climb Mt. Longonot and decided that it would be a great challenge for all of us as a team. It was a bit of a risk for me considering this was barely under 3 months after having a baby!

The journey to Longonot from Nairobi is approximately one and a half hours, then another two hours climbing the mountain and another 3 hours circumnavigating the crater, plus another two hours coming down!
All set for the hike...

Here we go....

The group had to slow down so that i can catch my breath and drink some water and energy booster...

The peak of Mt. Longonot ....
Views from the top...

Safari Requires:
• Good pair of walking boots (broken-in)
   A Hat
• Walking stick. An adjustable sprung loaded stick is best
• Camera, sun cream, plus your sweater that will be removed during the climb
• All of this hike is over rough ground and has all the hazards of hiking up steep inclines
• Don't under estimate dehydration. Drink water at the end of each section, and as required.
• Rucksack. Large enough to carry 2 x ½ litter of water plus few sandwiches to eat at the top
• The ranger's advice on all matters including your rate of progress should always be listened to.